Zodiac Taurus: What it takes to have health hair

1. Generally eating right is the most ideal approach to keep your hair long and strong. Consume more than enough leafy foods, nuts, tan rice, beans and beats.

2. ¬Use the right cleanser and conditioner for your hair type.

3. ¬Avoid too much sun exposure on your hair.

4. ¬Massaging your scalp for a couple of minutes every day to promote hair growth.

5. An Egg and Olive oil mask will strengthen your hair tremendously.

6. Brush slowly and softly!

7. A multivitamin containing: B5, b12, or fish oil will boost the process.

8.Stress and negative feelings can have influence in balding, flaky scalp and an oily head. Take a break and stop and smell the roses. Remove the stress from your life.

9.Get your regular trims. Best to trim your hair every 6 weeks

10.Avoid ironing your hair too many times during the week. Remove all those extreme appliances that will burn your hair within seconds.

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