Zodiac Health: Why Caffein and Vitamins don’t work


Why Caffein and Vitamins don’t work

Coffee might make you feel like you’ve been full for a long time. Coffee addicts need their coffee every morning like a teen needs his breakfast. If you want to go on a diet to either lose weight or boost your metabolism don’t ever drink coffee. There are also many people out there that are dying to grow some inches. Coffee doesn’t stop growth, but it does something to make that happen.

By consuming coffee all the vitamins that you intake through out the day won’t be able to be absorbed in your body. At least a very little amount of vitamins are. So if you want extra vitamins to grow those extra inches, by drinking coffee you are throwing those vitamins in the garbage. By drinking coffee on a daily basis you will be more than likely to have a vitamin deficiency later on in life.

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