Yoga Tips


Yoga Tips

Yoga is a great way to come in contact with your true self again. That strong connection with ‘oneness’ can lead you to many beautiful roads and horizons in life. Yoga will also test your you flexibility, making you feel lightweight. Yoga for beginners isn’t difficult. No matter what yoga positions you try, the key is to let go. Don’t think about what you’re doing, but feel what you’re doing. Be fearless and face yourself. Because only You have the control in Your future to do whatever it is you want. You can make everything go wrong or make every thing go great. Try Yoga and get in tough with your self.Here are some Great Yoga Tips:

Yoga Tip 1: Wear comfortable clothes that are a bit loose and let you move around and stretch freely.

Yoga Tip 2: Don’t wear any stick body lotion that will cause slippery hands. Don’t put on any gloss either, you don’t your hair strands to stick on your lips.

Yoga Tip 3: Go by the vibes in the room. Don’t go into a laughing session or a sad session in the middle to disrupt the room.

Yoga Tip 4: Tie your hair into a ponytail or a bun. The point of yoga is to focus on your mind and body, not your looks.

Yoga Tip 5:Drink,Eat, and go to the bathroom before you go to yoga.

Yoga Tip 6: You’ll be barefoot! So do your exfoliating

Yoga Tip 7: Its okay to ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Yoga Tip 8:Focus on your deep breathing.

Yoga Tip 9: Respect the yoga class and everyone in it

Yoga Tip 10: Meditate and Observe others.

My Favorite Yoga Positions

Yoga Position 1: Shoulder Stand – Help to regulate the functioning of thyroid glands and head aches. This also promotes hair growth.

Yoga Position 2: Camel Pose – Increases cardio circulation.

Yoga Position 3: Downward Dog Increases oxygen in the brain.

Top Breathing Exercises:

Kaplbhati Pranayam


I hope you enjoyed this read and kept a some notes on those Yoga Tips !

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