1.To accomplish longer lasting lip shade, blend your lip pencil with your lipstick and apply the mixture on your lips.

2.Play with lipstick colors, blend and match unique shades, make your own  unique lip shades.

3. If you need to get slight lip enlargement (no surgery included) – apply an natural lip pencil that is near the edge of your lip color , then, apply your lipstick, include some gleam your cupid’s bow and in the middle of your more level lip and, at last, apply your top choice lip shine. Your lips will look greater!

4.Got a lip liner smudge? Best choice to clean it up: use a Q TIP 

5.How to Avoid that red lipstick getting on your teeth?

When starting to apply lipstick, during the end of application make “O” letter with your lips and you’ll see if there is any lipstick there.

6. If you find that your lipstick or lip liner are excessively drying, then, apply a lip hydration base before doing your cosmetics, let it sink into your lips for no less than 5 minutes, then you can apply your lipstick.

7. The right color for YOU: The darker your skin, the darker your lip shade might be.

8.Do a Dab of shimmery shine in the middle of your lips to get that enchanting, pouty mouth.

9. Add a spark of Vaseline for shine and plump.

10. If you need to keep your lipstick on while dinning, secretly  lick the tip of your glass before drinking.

11. After you apply your lipstick get a napkin and softly press it on your lips, this will take out all that excess make up that will smear your lips.

12.Apply powder after putting on your lipstick, it will make your lip color last more.

13.Try to mix your cream with your lipstick. By doing this you will achieve  a softer lip shade and some additional hydration for your lips.

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