Virgo Beauty: Tricks to Maintain Youthful Skin

Virgo are such a large number of creams, moisturizers, lotions and hair mind items available that its quite simple to get lost. The best way to go i would say is Natural. Natural things are way more effective, don’t have harsh chemicals, or side effects.¬†These should be mandatory on your list of you want to maintain youthful skin:


Everybody can find an egg in their kitchen. Eggs can be used as hair and skin lotion. Here is the way I make my top pick natively constructed face cover: I blend one egg yolk with one table spoon of olive oil and apply it all over my face and neck. I keep it on for 30 ¬†minutes and after that, wash it off. It helps feed and hydrate the skin, making it delicate and smooth. Olive oil use to scare me when too. This mask won’t make you break out at all! When you put it on you feel as if its stretching your face. If you use enough egg yolks you can even feel as if you have had botox. You will feel a slight resistance to opening your mouth to much or raising your eyebrows. You can also use the same mixure on your hair and wash it off with conditioner. Its best do do this 2 times a week.

2.Olive oil

Just about everybody has olive oil in their kitchen. Little do some individuals realize that olive oil can turn into our ideal face lotion. Warm up couple of drops of olive oil between your hands and delicately rub it into face (after washing it). Men can use olive oil as all regular face ointment item, it will support and sooth the skin, making it super delicate. You can utilize olive oil as a body cream too: rub your physique with it while in the shower and after that, pat your skin dry with a towel; it will make your body very very smooth. You can also replace your shaving cream and use olive oil!

3.Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant has been used  for many years as a heavenly cure from different illnesses. From break outs to infections to tooth aches to beauty. It dos it all! Aloe Vera can, sooth, light up the skin, remove any stretch marks and scarring, and it also cures damaged dry hair. You can use aloe vera gel as your hair conditioner and lotion.

4.Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a definite must. You can use it on your lips,face, and even hair. I usually heat a little amount of coconut oil.Get a dab and massage my scalp. Coconut oil also removes those nasty split ends and removes dryness from hair. Its best to keep it on for 30 minutes before washing it off. Its best to was it off with a leave in conditioner after (skip the shampoo).

5.Almond oil

I cherish applying sweet almond oil on my skin and neck before I go to sleep. If you hate that oily feel to your skin you can easily get a napkin and slowly tap your skin removing that excess oil. Stuffed with vitamins and cancer prevention agents, sweet almond oil helps battle free radicals, making you search more youthful for more. It will give you amazing smoothness. If you have cracked hands, this will do wonders.

6.Rose water

Rose water smells marvelous and can be used for so many purposes.  I adore washing my face with rose water in the morning. It will hydrate and relax the skin, making your make up look so much more natural and your skin will be surprisingly  calm.  When you shower you can also pour some rose water down your body. It will hydrate your skin.

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