Taurus Beauty tips to feel confident: lay back and relax

Taurus, We have talked about achieving beauty through natural remedies and makeup tricks, but whats looking good on the outside may not be feeling good on the inside. You’ve seen it on tv a beautiful model or actress is dead either by an eating disorder or a overdose. And why is that? Because they feel horrible on the inside. To do anything in life you need to feel good, hopeful, relaxed,confident, and comfortable with your being on the inside. So with that said here are some tips to feel better about yourself:

1. The first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘ What makes You unique?” Even if you think thats a beauty imperfection then thats your uniqueness so now learn to embrace it.

2. Don’t think about eating too little or too much. Form a schedule for your daily meals and a once a week indulge. This way you’ll be more strict on yourself and it would be hard for you to sleep.

3. Don’t drink when you’re sad. This is the one mistake that people make and this is the main reason of why some people are alcoholics. This habit can form at any age, but its best not to mix your pain with alcohol because you’ll get use to doing that every time you’re sad and things will go into a downward spiral for you.

4. Take a shower at night and meditate acouple of times a week. In order to feel confident and relaxed you need to have sometime for yourself. A warm bath at night will get you feeling fully rested and relaxed in the morning. Meditation once a couple of times a week can move that fog away from your vision and give you a clearer perspective of where you are and what you need to accomplish.

5. Volunteer,Meet up with friends, and participate in events. This will make you more out there and you can practice being yourself with these people. The more times you hang out, the more comfortable you’ll be. You just need to follow these 2 rules:

1. Don’t Lie to anyone.

2. Be honest to yourself.

Follow these tips above and you’ll see a definite change in you current life,self, and future.

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