Pisces Beauty: Almond Oil Skin Beauty Benefits

Glowing skin is one of the most popular beauty desire almost all women have. This is because glowing skin makes one look even more youthful,healthy, and beautiful.

Almond Oil is on my list as one of the top beauty tricks for glowing skin. Before jumping into this you need to get Almond Educated 🙂

First things First, there are 2 type of almonds.

Sweet Almonds and Bitter Almonds.

Almonds have been used in beauty products for skin and hair since they are rich in Vitamin E.

When you apply almond oil to skin prepare yourself as you’ll feel smooth skin and the oil will leave you a sweet scented smell.¬† The best type of Almond oil to use on your face is sweet not Bitter.

Almond Oil is also great for those with dry skin and to all who break out easily, don’t be afraid of natural oil products. Almond Oil,Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, ect is not the same as those harsh oils on your face that cause acne.

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