6 Weight Loss Secrets for Taurus

By Samantha R.

Weight Loss Secrets for Taurus

Taurus, Losing weight is a big commitment, but it doesn’t end there. When losing weight you also have to keep it off and truly that is the hardest part for most women. Here are some great beauty secrets to keep you from gaining back that old weight.

1. Stick to the same eating schedule. Just because you finished your diet it doesn’t mean that you’re free. It only means that you can indulge on a night out with friends. Try to stick to the same amounts of food you ate on your diet.

2. Training. Now that you have lost weight you need a trainer. You need to get toned and you need someone who is looking at your body every day. At times we need that extra push to not mess up.

3. Run. Running once a day is a great cardio activity to keep those pounds off. Running helps you externally and also internally.You will notice your endurance and heath will be fuller and longer.

4. Weigh yourself every day. You should weigh yourself every day to manage your weight. You don’t want to weigh yourself once a week and be shocked if you gained weight.

5. Keep eating breakfast. Stay within a 300 calorie range in the morning.

6. Hydration. Drink juices and water to curb your cravings.

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