Scorpion Beauty and Body Parts

Health–inside and out

Beauty may be wanted on the outside, but its crucial on the inside. Beauty and health are related together. One must not only focus on being beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside and to start doing so you need to break your bad habits.


The heart is the most important muscle in our body and its a muscle that needs to me constantly exercised. Maintaining a balanced diet with little fat and junk food and adding a weekly workout regime to your schedule will do you a lot of good internally.


The liver may be damaged very quickly by constant use of alcohol. So stick to the one glass of wine a week, but cut back on the heavy alcoholic parties.


Wash your skin every day. Moisturize with a cleanser to keep clean and healthy.


Take a multi -vitamin to be in good health and always energized.

Feet and Hand

Most people who work a lot and people in general whether your a fashion model or a construction worker you use you feel and hands A lot. So to prevent cracked skin, athletes foot and other bacterias that can spread you need to wash your hands and feet every day. Place them in olive oil once a week.

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