Scorpio Find Healthy Alcohol for You


Okay so everyone thinks that alcohol will lead to liver damage and what not. That is a myth. Again, it depends how much alcohol you consume on a daily basis, but there are acouple of drinks that aren’t as bad for you. If you are on a diet you should always keep your calories in check. Check out this list below that lets you know whats healthy alcohol for you:


Wine is great for health and most people drink it for youth. Drinking 5 glasses of wine a week is great for skin. Assuming that you have a 5 oz of wine for red wine that would be around 125 calories and if you have white wine that is 115 calories. See its not that many! Enjoy your wine

Hard Liquor

Hard Liquor is pretty strong depending on how much you consume. If you like strong alcohol, this is the perfect one to have and maintain your calories. 100-proof hard liquor is 124 calories and that is per 1 1/2 oz.  

Light Beer

Okay we all love beer, but we want to avoid that beer belly. So to keep your daily exercise regime and indulge at least once, you can treat yourself to a light beer. The average light beer is 100 calories.Beer, Liquor, and Wine can actually be healthy! Don’t go past the 1st shot and remember to always stay hydrated and drink tones of water after you drink.


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