Sagittarius How to be sexier than the mannequin


Sagittarius, have you ever walked into a store wanting to buy something specific that you like a lot then you see a mannequin wear it and you think ‘dam. I’ll never look like that.’

Mannequin’s look better than people, even when they’re bald. They have the ideal body,height, and facial features. So I have put a guide to get you to look better than that mannequin!

First Step: Exercise. Those mannequin’s are pretty toned. Get those leg work outs on the treadmill, some shoulder stretches, then finally those crunches.

Second Step: Hair. Your hair needs to look healthy. 3 times a month make sure you do a natural homemade hair mask,trim your hair regularly, and always apply leave in conditioner when you take a shower.

Third Step: Height. Height is something that we don’t have control over for the most part. However, if you’re serious about growing 2 inches you need to follow this height guide:

1.Drink A lot of water

2. Get 9 hours of sleep

3. Drink a warm glass of milk every night

4. Run and bike.

5. Do your daily leg and back stretches.

6. Keep your posture.

7. Stop drinking alcohol,caffeine and stop smoking.

8.Maintain a healthy diet that is rich in vitamin d and b.

The above steps should be done on a daily basis to get results. If you’re serious about growing taller attempt to add these steps into your daily life, not just try them for 3 days.

Fourth Step: Eat fruits and try glowing skin remedies .

Fifth Step: Never forget to put on sunscreen.

Sixth Step: Get the right hair cut fit for your face shape.

Seventh Step: Always moisturize your skin and body.

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