Sagittarius 7 Things that Ruin Your Weight Loss Diet


By Samantha R.

Sagittarius 7Things that Ruin Your Weight Loss Diet

We all have had those diets that we promised our selves to be committed, but some times its not us its our diet plan. Sagittarius,there are certain things that we eat that make us gain weight instead of lose weight.

1. Protein bars

You probably have seen protein bars with 500 calories in stores that were specifically for a diet. This is a number 1 cause to weight gain during a weight loss diet. Unless you are skipping your meal you should eat these protein bars. By eating these protein bars before or after your meal they will make you gain weight. Even as a snack these protein bars are too heavy.

2. Alcoholic Diet

Unless your an alcoholic and alcohol diet will not work for your. An nice alcoholic beverage might seem stratifying after a long day, but by getting yourself drunk by that diet all day you will naturally need something to eat so you don’t pass out. So I would avoid any alcohol consumption if you are on a diet.

3.Skipping Breakfast

Never skip breakfast! It will surly make you gain more weight, this is no myth.

4.Eating past 8 pm.

Never it past 8 pm, you will gain weight each time you do so.

5. Exercise.

If you exercise for example your legs every single day you will be putting on leg weight rather then burning it off even if you are doing cardio. For those who are just starting a work out diet, its best to take things slow. If you have a leg day every day then you will break those small leg muscles and you will be more hungry and thats where your food will go to. So take exercise slow and gradually. Have a shoulder day then a leg day. Give it some rest.

6. Calories

Even healthy foods have calories. Don’t go crazy with too many fruits because even grapes have 5 calories per piece. Count what foods you are going to eat and what calories you will have.

7. Sugar Diet

Never cheat yourself into thinking that you will have a sugar diet and eat only 3 donuts a day. You will be tempted to more.

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