Sagittarius Beauty Tip: Blush Color By Skin Tone

Sagittarius Looking too pale isn’t always attractive. Girls love looking vibrant and youthful so a little blush is ALWAYS needed. ¬†There are sure colors that suit dim, medium and reasonable skin tones. One thing that you young ladies may as well remember is that it is best to use the shade closest to your skin tone as this will give a characteristic blush look without getting excessively in the eye.


1. Light Skin: Blush Colors

The best colors that look extraordinary on light skin range from plums, light orange and light pink rose. You may explore a little with these shades before choosing which mixes the best with your skin. You may even mix two of these shades to get a custom color for your skin. Light Skin colors need a warm blush and not too bold.

2. Medium Skin Tone: Blush Colors

Ladies with a medium skin tone have a large palette of colors that they can chose from.  They can go to plums, pinks and orange shades. Bronzer looks very good too. Avoid light pink shades.


3. Darker Skin Tone: Blush Colors

For the most part all the shades look great on this skin tone, ¬†if mixed in the right way. Stay away from orange, maroons or purples as even the scarcest of oversight can make you look too gothic. Go for the pinks and reds. ¬†You can also go a bit plum–ish to add some spice.


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