Sagittarius 12 Tips for Long Hair

Sagittarius 12 Tips for Long Hair

Sagittarius, Long beautiful hair is really attractive. It makes women look even more feminine, healthy, and youthful.

And it beats having those annoying extensions.  So here are some tips to grow out your own hair:

1. Message you Scalp. You can do this before bed or whenever you have the time to.

2. Apply oil to your hair once a week. Oil eliminates frizz and split ends.It also boosts the growth process extremely.

3. Wash with Medium to Cool water. Washing with hot water can damage the hair by its heat.

4. Too Much Shampoo Harms the Hair

5. Braid your Hair every night.

6. Don’t comb if your hair is wet.

7. Wash your hair after swimming.

8. Comb out your hair every night to prevent tangles.

9. Never skip your conditioner. Conditioner is so important that you need to leave it in after the shower.

Skipping it is forbidden unless your goal is to get dry and tangly hair.

10. Get your regular trims. Don’t be afraid of them, they aren’t cutting out your ‘length.’ In order for your hair to grow all split ends at the bottom need to be removed. So cutting hair every 2 weeks should do.

11. Take Vitamin E supplements or wash your hair in vitamin e oil.

12. Eat health and sleep early.

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