Pisces Male and Female: How to Control Dryness Around Eyes


Dryness around your eye circles can be the most painful thing in the world. Pisces, If you touch your eye it will sting alone and it might even start to get itchy if you pick at your eyes for too much. Having dryness around eyes is also painful when you try to dry eyes. Here are some remedies that will explain and give you tips on how to control dryness around eyes: 

1.Let cool green tea bags rest on your eyes. 

2.Half a cup of yogurt and 2 table spoons of chamomile. Apply the mixture on your eyes and all irritation should be replaced with hydration and a soothing feeling.

3.Make Chamomile Tea, let it cool, and apply it around your eyes with a cotton ball.

4. Using a cotton ball apply milk around your eyes.

5.Slowly brush your eyes with cucumber juice.

6.Moisturize your eyes (glycerin) and avoid wearing any make up in the effected areas.

7.Rosewater has a great source of vitamin and will relieve your eyes. This is great for a daily rinse.

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