Pisces Why Your hair is Falling Out


Pisces Why Your hair is Falling Out

Seeing your hair fall out is a true nightmare. Whether it may be in the shower, wet, dry, or if your just combing. Seeing your hair fall out gives one a sense of panic. One of the main reasons that we lose hair is due to vitamin deficiency. As we get older we give up on good health. We forget to eat our fruits and veggies and we only eat what tastes good.

Here are all the reasons why your hair is falling out.


Whether its physical or mental stress is one major aspect of why your hair is falling out. When the body is not calm and happy it can not start growth from there. You need to calm down and relax.

Vitamin A:

There is such thing as having too much of a certain vitamin. If you intake more Vitamin A than your body needs it can lead to early hair loss.


Not having enough protein into your daily meals can lead to hair falling out, growth stunt, and even baldness. So eat your meat,eggs, and most importantly fish. Eat at least one of these foods a day.

Hormonal Imbalance:

During Pregnancy or periods hormones tend to change. Unbalanced hormones can throw your body off and prevent hair growth and promote hair loss.

Weight Loss:

Losing weight too quickly is another reason why your hair is falling out. When losing weight in an unhealthy way many vitamins leave your body and you become deficient in many needed vitamins.

Blood thinners and Anti Depressants:

Blood thinners and anti depressants have a list of side effects and the most common is hair loss.

Bad Styling Products and too much Heat:

Using cheap styling products and heat on your hair on a regular basis can cause natural hair loss.


Not getting your 8 hours of sleep prevents body to restore itself at night and eventually leads to hair loss.


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