Pisces: How To Bigger boobs with out plastic surgery.


Most women are insecure about their breasts. They can look up plastic surgery options, but then again those can get really dangerous. Thoughts of them exploding or getting some form of disease steers women away from those operations. Lets face it not many women are blessed with big breast sizes,but those small sized women need to realize that no matter what size they do have breast. And thats all they need. Follow these tips below to increase the illusion of having bigger boobies:

 1. Make Up. Make up contouring and highlighting can make your boobs like way bigger. Learn to play with shades 2 lighter and 2 darker than your skin tone. This way you can shape and highlight as much as you want.

2. Posture. By arching your back, you will be moving your chest forward, and this will make you look like you have bigger breasts.

3. Victorias Secret push up bras and a tight t shirt do can make you look like a DD !

For those who have small boobs its not anything embarrassing. Charlize Theron displayed her small boobs in Reindeer Games and they looked Ahmazing .


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