Pisces Hand Bag Trends: Big Bag Fashion

By Samantha R.

Big Bag Fashion is IN!

Grab your big bags Pisces girls! Big bags are not only a huge fashion trend, but they are also very useful. A big bag is so much bigger then you school backpack and you must remember how much you use to fit in there! You can go really bold or really dark in them. They’re perfect for any event and so comfortable.Here are the best things to bring in a big big girls:

1. Extra Change of Clothes

2. Hair styling Products

3. Hair Irons

4. Facial Cleansers (never know if your going to sleep over at a friends house)

5. Eye Drops

6. Small Towel

7. You (full) make up bag.



10. Cellphone with chargers

12. Note pad/pencil

13. Wallet, of course

14. Keys

15. Plastic Bag

16. Snacks

18. Big bags are great for storing in shopping bags!

Are you apart of the Big Bag Fashion Yet?

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