Pisces Bad Beauty Habits

Pisces Bad Beauty Habits

1. Not Cleaning your Make Up Brushes.This can result in spreading of germs and creating breakouts.

2.Sharing your Eyeliner or other cosmetics. Eyeliner is the most risky cosmetic item to share. You will have a high chance of getting an eye infection and redness.

3. Ironing your hair every day. You should only use heat on your hair if its for an occasion. Don’t be tempted to do it every day as your hair will get thin and very damaged.

4.Never sleep with your make up. Sleeping with your make up can cause breakouts,wrinkles, and oily skin.

5. Cheap Shampoo. Don’t think that ‘shampoo’ is just ‘shampoo’ invest some money into getting a great shampoo that won’t have harsh chemicals.

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