Zodiac Duet: Madonna and Beyonce Duet at the Grammys?

Beyonce and Madonna to Duet at the Grammys? Maybe so according to the LA TIMES! Beyonce has a new cd to promote and Madonna always has a new outfit and not to mention her recording breaking songs. Well you have never seen a duo like this.

Since the pop musical divine beings can now and again discover it in themselves to be considerate wish-granters, exhibitions from both Beyoncé and Madonna may be in our Grammy show not-so-far off future, and when I first heard this news I quickly hopped to the conclusion that it must be for a two part harmony aka duet between the two. And maybe Madonna will sneak a little kiss  to Beyonce like she did back then to Britney.

Can you imagine what Beyonce and Madonna would sound like together?

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