Libra Diet Plan: Thinspiration



Libra, Everyone is going crazy on tumblr and weheartit tagging #thinspiration. Keeping those pictures aside doesn’t guarantee you that amazing body. So to take the next step you need to get on a diet. A good diet is crucial for a great body, but you need to keep your health in mind too.

Below I have a great diet plan to that will help you shed those extra 10 pounds.

Drink 3 Glasses of Lemonade a day

1 Glass of Milk at Night 

Eat a light dinner including greens/ with out dessert at 5pm. 

Eat 2 apples a day

Never eat past 8 

Drink Chamomile tea

Do the above on your time schedule (depending on when you get up in the morning). This is a great diet as well as cleanse. The amount of fluid will naturally keep you full and a healthy meal with greens and a great fruit will give you a great boost of energy. I prefer sticking to fish for a meal. If you get tired of one fish there are many other choices and ways to cook them. Fish have great protein that will boost you energy.

Follow the above and post your own #thinspiration online! 

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