Aries Get Glowing Skin with Ice Cubes


Aries here is a speedy tip to get a natural glow that will keep everyones eyes on you.¬†Wipe your face and neck with these ice solid shapes 3 times a day. Rub the ice cubes back and forth. Don’t over do it to get a brain freeze, but lightly. Such ice blocks, will diminish and feed your skin. Due to your skin getting so much hydration, you will get an incredible glow. This isn’t an olive oil glow, a make up glow (where you can see the layer), it looks like Crystle Stewart’s (above) glow.

A better understanding.

Tenderly and rapidly wipe your face, neck and d√©colletage with an ice cubes. Don’t press excessively hard and abstain from being cruel with your skin, as you can harm little vessels under the skin. Also as you must avoid rubbing the ice cubes on your eyes. This can be done during any season, even winter! Again its best not to go overboard. It will usually take about 3-5 days (in a row) ¬†to get that glowing skin. If you have any medical conditions its best to ask your doctor before you attempt this beauty tip. Xo 🙂


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