Gemini Try Out Red Hair Don’t Care: why not go red?


Gemini’s Try to Bring out your fiery side with red hair. Red hair is bold, yet mysterious. That is only if you get the right color. What I prefer is a darker red color. Those bright hair colors may only be a phase for you that lasts up to 2 months then you’ll probably never try red again. So better go a darker and more natural red rather than getting the fun out of it with a bright color.

Some celebs that I love with red hair: Emma Stone, Jessica Rabbit 😉 , Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, and Ariana Grande of course.

Red hair is great for ivy or fair skin.

Before you change your hair color to red, I would recommend to go and see a professional salon (unless you’re a professional yourself,but then again you can see behind your head). After you do so you need to know the right hair color. So bring a small strand to the hair salon. Always ask them how much peroxide they’ll be using, Thats what they use to lighten hair and the problem that most people do in salons is not open their mouth, get the color that they wanted, and their hair slowly falls away.So to prevent them ask them not to use to much of that to lighten your hair. This way I will guarantee that they’ll be way more careful.

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