Virgo Dark Circles and the Internet

Virgo is a hard worker! Too much time on the net can bring this zodiac sign dark circles.

Dark Circles can come from a variety of different things. Dark circles can come from sleeplessness,mental stress, bad make up products, shaded glasses, or internet. Using the internet can actually cause dark eye circles. It all depends how long you stay. The computer has harmful lasers that not only lower your good vision over time, but they also cause dark eye circles. Try to remove your self from the computer. If you use it everyday then minimize that number to 4-5 days a week. Have the weekends to yourself. In todays age the computer/internet is a must and we forget the time when we are on. The best way to get your messages and stay away from the computer in by having everything connected to your phone. So if someone wants to message you, you sill get the message.

Dark Eye Circles can be cured by:

Messaging almond Oil Around the eye

Eating foods that are high in Vitamin E

Drinking alot of water

Dabbing a cotton ball on cold chamomile tea 

Getting more than 8 hours of sleep

Don’t eat too many salty foods

Avoid the sun and put on your sunglasses

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