Classy Makeup for Virgo women Over 40

Women over 40 may think that makeup season may be over for them. Beauty is endless and it never ends no matter what age you are. What Ive come across when Ive really asked women over 40 their concerns about makeup are:

1. Worried about what people will think.

2. Have let their old self go.

3. They think they may look cougar-ish or tacky .

When doing makeup you should really take your time and blend it in. That will prevent #3. To feel confident in makeup at 40 you need something thats not to outrages, but sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

My favorite look for those over 40 is a black shadow eye,red lips, and blush. It gives off a very mysterious look.

What you need

1.Black Eyeliner

2. Mascara

3. Velvet Red Lipstick

4. Dark Red eyeshadow

5. Black Eyeshadow

6. Foundation

7. Moisturizer

8. Tweezers

If you’re over 40 and you’ve given up on plucking your eyebrows its time to get that tweezer out. Ive done a previous tutorial on how to get the perfect brow, so if you’ve forgotten you can check that out.

After you’ve done tweezing your eyebrows then you can move on to the moisturizer. Moisturize your face before applying make up. This helps prevent flakes, dryness, or wrinkles becoming too distinct. After moisturizer then blend in your foundation.

After you’ve completed number #2 skip back to #1 Eyeliner. Apply a thin layer of eyeliner around the eye. Followed by soft black eyeshadow on the to eye lid and they apply very very soft dark red eyeshadow near the black eyeshadow edge.

After doing get your velvet lipstick and apply it on your lips.

This look is easy to do even for beginners or those who haven’t done makeup in a long time.

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