Capricorn: Effective way to curb your hunger


Capricorn, Imagine yourself in a room, a quiet room, and your stomach starts rumbling. To be honest, that is really embarrassing. Everyone is going to look at you like you committed a crime and you’re either going to smile or say ‘Im just really hungry.’ Which will make you sound like a bear

Capricorn, curb your hunger doesn’t mean to stuff your face with food before you go somewhere. I have a list of healthy foods to eat that you will be shocked to feel full with just them:¬†

1. 4 Salted Crackers and 1 glass of Orange Juice

It may seem like little, but this will last you at least 2 hours. Orange Juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin B-6, and Magnesium. The best part is that one cup of orange juice is only 111 calories to be exact. 1 salted Cracker is 13 calories. This way you could stick to your diet while you are still going to events, quite meetings, and even work. Eating crackers with Orange juice is also a great way to diet. Skip your dinner and eat Orange Juice with Crackers, you’ll be surprised with your results.

2. Protein

To feel full faster, you need to be stacked on protein. Protein meals taste delicious and they curb your appetite for hours. So eat your eggs, yogurt, chicken, and fish without guilt!

3. Fiber

Eating fiber is of great importance when wanting to curb that appetite! Eat your fruits and vegetables before you go out somewhere. Make a vegetable bowl or make a fruit bowl before you go out and no rumbling is guaranteed. If have run out of fruits and veggies and you have a fiber bar to grab, its okay to indulge in that for now.

4. Stay away from chips and sugary stuff!

Don’t eat donuts or Doritos, they will make you want more food after you take that last bite.¬†

Stick to these simple tips above and you will be at your best shape and feeling confident.

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