Cancer Zodiac: How to get Hair Volume


Cancer Zodiac Hair Volume might have been a trend in the 70s and 80s, but today its one of the most crucial beauty secrets today. Back in the 70’s and 80’s people had a tendency to OVERDUE hair volume to the extreme because it was the trend then. Now flat hair is in, but a little volume is the biggest trick to making you look even more beautiful. Hair volume minimizes the features on your face and brings out a higher bone structure. Every girl is crazy about those high cheek bones 😉

What you need

Regular Comb

Teasing Brush

Hair Spray

Rose Water

Make sure that you’ve gotten out of the shower,dried, and straightened your hair.

Now you need to do the parting! Start from the back of your head at the top. Divide your hair in two chunks and grab the top chunk of hair. Spray some rose water (which i did an easy how to tutorial) on your hair to promote hydration. Comb that section to make sure it doesn’t have any knots. With your left hand hold your hair and right hand use your teasing brush to tease it.

The best way to tease hair is by keeping your left hand loose and your right hand going in a downward direction repeatedly. Remember most people make the mistake of holding hair with their left hand really tightly. This is will damage your hair and it will take forever to tease.

After doing the back proceed with the same steps to the sides of your head and finally reach the front section.

Now here you can part your hair which ever way you want and thats where you add the most volume. Keep in mind to add a little volume to the other side if its to down.

Then finalize it with some hair spray and you’re all done!¬†


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