Best Astrology Names

Best Astrology (Celestial) Names. We have picked out the best astrology names that there are. Beautiful and smooth sounding names to name your newborn or to get a name change yourself. Stand out and pick a name with a meaning. A powerful name can increase your chances in luck around you and can chance how others mentally see you. The list below is a variety of different names from different origins in the world. Chose your fave and let us know which one you like most!

Celestia “Heavenly”

Lunetta “Little moon”

Raiyana “Heaven”

Calva “another name for Venus “

Maleda “Dawn’

Tara “A star”

Sama “Heaven and the sky”

Sunniva “Is Gift of the sun”

Alhena ” Star in the constellation Gemini”

Starlis “Star”

Levana “moon”

Chandra “Moon”

Electra “Sparkling.”

Helia “the sun”

Souhaila “Name of constellation “Carnia”

Urania “heavenly’

Vela “along the sea”




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