Astrology: Cameron Diaz


From one perspective, the performing craftsman is a paragon of womanliness, with Venus and the Moon as her strongest planets. Disregarding the way that she is an amazon (we may as well come back to this later), Cameron Diaz is a certified woman, sensitive, polite, and guided by her heart.

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary provided that we could remember that her first striking sign in “The Mask”, in which she legitimately hypnotized the character played by Jim Carrey, and furthermore the assembling of individuals. Yet, in those days, she was a minor show without any cinematographic experience. It must be asserted that she put up an amazing and flawless execution. Her physical perspective conveys extraordinary her planetary sways: her equitably change stand up to with sensitive attributes, her wide blue eyes, her structure, and her light hair bear the Moon’s imprint, furthermore that of Venus, against a Cancer Ascendant foundation. Regardless, her troubled and cumbersome figure is related to her tight Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo.

To total up, her general graph asserts the unfaltering modify that this bizarre and run entertainer propelled. In spite of the way that she from time to time gives the feeling that she is imperceptibly irritable ‚Äì Virgo’s worry braced by Cancer’s inquiries on the Ascendant, with a Moon-Mercury square as a slight disadvantage ‚Äì she still has different diverse belonging. Firstly, a pleasant repartition of planets, modes and parts. Venus moving as a blessing from paradise, and few powerful views. Jupiter in the sixth House exhibits that she is shrewd and favored with an in number constitution, while the Moon in Taurus gives much extraordinary nature.¬†

We might as well restate. Not long after all else, Cameron Diaz is a tempting individual, since Venus moves around then of life initiation. No huge astonish that she was singled out for her eminence and that she had an assembly of critical partners. Also, this oppressive Venus sextiles the Moon, indicating that she enjoys herself and that her adolescence was supportive to the sprouting of her womanliness. She is an incredible sidekick, having a tendency to her family and for people. However this Venus also squares Uranus, a destabilising planet which is in like manner part of her dominants. In this way, relationships are huge, however confused. She seems to get a kick out of picking non-wanted assistants. She forsakes every last one of them of a sudden, and clearly she couldn’t consider what people contemplate her decisions. What an aura!

Underneath the spread of sweetness and “lunar” humor, bordering on self-dissuasion (as could be seen in “There’s something about Mary”, “Bad Teacher”, et cetera.), Cameron Diaz is a woman of action. Harms even gauges her Midheaven, i.e. the House of social foreordination. This planet with the Sun reveals an in number minded woman who manages herself without relying upon people. She is in like manner to a great degree energetic, since she should physically utilize energy in order to find tranquility. Additionally, her capabilities were as often as possible highlighted in development films in which she moreover beats, for instance “Charlie’s Angels”. There, she exhibited to her foes and her masculine accessories a thing or two. In any case, she is not a potential James Bond Girl! Unmistakably, she is not the sort of woman who holds up for her man with a lazy look. She supports an extraordinary surf ride or a test to expend.


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