Aries: How to Know if you have an Eating Disorder


By G. Kale

Eating disorders are very serious. Most people might gradually move into having an eating disorder, but they never put a label on it. It happens naturally and they continue with the same habits. They may now label what their doing as habits, but not eating disorder. The first step is always being honest to yourself and doing some research. Here are some signs of eating disorders:

1. Not eating when your body needs to

If you stuff your face with food when you don’t feel hungry and when you do feel hungry you let your stomach rumble, that is one of the greatest symptoms of an eating disorder.


Stuffing your face impulsively with food when you are depressed is known to be a sign of an eating disorder. You should never get to this point because if you do it once, you will be sure to try it again when you are having the same depressed feelings.

3. Guilt and Hiding

We can all be guilty of eating too much some times, but if its on a regular basis. If you put yourself to shame because you start eating again. It is very harmful. Another thing is if you don’t eat in public. If you hide yourself when eating all the time can be a really bad habit that leads to an eating disorder.

4. Irregular Periods

Having irregular periods every month without taking andy medications means that your hormones aren’t working properly.

Don’t be afraid of eating, don’t be shamed, and love yourself. You need to be there for yourself, your body, whenever you feel the need for something.

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