Aquarius Vitamins for Skin


Aquarius Vitamins for Skin

We have talked about diets and healthy eating, but I decided to dig into this topic even more. In order to improve your skin, you need to eat the right foods containing specific vitamins that are great for the face. Here are the top vitamins that are crucial to be consumed if you want great skin:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system and clear skin. It is rich in antioxidants. Strawberries are a great example of tasty vitamin c foods.

Vitamin A

Apricots and Spinach are rich in vitamin c. Vitamin A defends the skin from harmful bacteria and balances oily skin.

Vitamin B

Eat your Greens and Beans!  Vitamin B strengthens your skin and helps to renew your skin with a fresh layer of cells.


Nuts! Eat your Nuts, they are great for your skin.


Hydrate! Stay hydrated and you’ll be sure to make your youth last.

Fish Oil

Fish oil vitamins are great for diets and great remedy for people with dry skin.

What damages your skin

Junk Food : Chips and high fat ice creams

Too much sugar


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