Aquarius Find Out How to Sleep Better

 Aquarius How to Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the most needed things in ones life. Some people go to sleep naturally others have a really hard time. Thinking about sleep doesn’t make you sleep, it just keeps your eyes open. Here are some tips to sleep better:


Electronics can be distracting. Before you sleep you need sometime to yourself so you can reflect. If you reflect when you’re lying down in bed you won’t be doing much sleeping.

2. Turn off All the Lights and grab a warm blanket

Most important thing to go fast to sleep is warmth and darkness. Make your body as comfortable as you can and you will feel relaxed very soon.

3. Avoid coffee at night

Coffee at night will keep you awake. Avoid drinking coffee durning night time unless you want to sleep at 3 am.


Drink some warm herbal tea right before you go to bed. This is sure to make you drowsy.

5. Pull back your hair

Having all your hair touching your face may not let you concentrate your body to sleep.

6. Silence

Make sure you turn off the tv and any music playing. Complete silence will sooner or later put you to sleep.

7. Productive day

A productive day can make you feel the need for some rest. Don’t rest any time during the day, save that for the night time.

The above is a great guide to be done all at once to guarantee great sleep.

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