Aquarius Pink Lips: Naturally

Beauty–Some people are born with pink lips, but then again thats a small percentage of people. So the best ways to get natural pretty pink lips:

1. Lip Massage

A nice lip massage will get your lips preppy and pink. The best way to do this is with a soft tooth brush. Apply

some aloe vera on your lips and softy massage your lips with a tooth brush. This will exfoliate your skin and naturally bring your pink lips out. If you have dry or cracked lips its best not to do this.


Pomegranate’s are a great home remedy for pink lips. Crush some seeds from a pomegranate and apply the liquid left from the seeds on your lips. Its best to do this once a week.


Get couple of roses, peel the pedals, and boil them with water. The petals will be damp and dry, but you’ll notice that rose water will be left behind. Best to get red roses for this.You’ll get as much rose water depending on how many rose pedals you have it. Now you can buy an empty a lip gloss applying roller and fill it with rose water. This is an easy DIY and thats effective.


A slice of Cucumber will brighten your lips.


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