Air Element


The component of Air is essential to human survival, without it we might all die. Air is the indication of development, freshness, correspondence and of the sagacity. Sound is an alternate appearance of this component. As a component, it is unobservable, yet its world could be felt circulating everywhere that we take in each day.

To unite with the force of this component, uncover a spot with clean air and inhale profoundly, touch a plume or breathe the aroma of an intensely scented bloom. Let yourself experience the vigor of this component, and reflect that we likewise own Air vigor inside ourselves.

In enchanted terms, Air is the force of the brain, the power of acumen, motivation, creative ability. It is plans, learning, dreams and wishes. Air is the component of new life and new potential outcomes and is key to spells and ceremonies of travel, direction, finding lost things, a few sorts of divination, and opportunity. Air supports us in visualization, a key strategy in enchantment.

Air is a manly component and legislates the magick of the four winds. It is the imperative soul passing through all things, offering life to all things, moving and filling all things. Therefore Hebrew specialists credit it not as a component however as a medium or paste that ties all things together.

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