14 Oils For Skin for the Zodiac Signs


14 Oils For Skin

Stay away from all those harsh chemicals in creams and sprays. Its better to remove something naturally than do something that will outbreak another skin condition.

Almond Oil (Sweet) Aries

Almond Oil¬†is best to use if you have really itchy or dry skin. It is packed in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E. It doesn’t leave an ‘oily’ feel behind when you apply it. It will nourish ¬†your skin back to life.

Aragan Oil Taurus

Aragan oil is best for anti – aging on skin¬†and brings damaged hair back to life. Aragan oil is also known as Moroccan OIl. You know the oil that Kendall and Kyle Jenner mentioned they use? Anyway, for skin it is ¬†a great about of Vitamin E and fatty acids. Aragan oil is also great to fade away all your acne scars. You’ll be getting the perfect complexion by using this oil!

Avocado Oil Gemini

Calling all middle aged gals! Avocado oil is packed with Vitamin A,D,and E. It is great to use when you have much older skin (because of your age).It protects against sun damage and hydrates mature skin.

Black Currant Oil Cancer

This oil is great for skin repair. If your skin has been damaged in any way. From too much sun or too much cold. Black Currant Oil¬†will bring your skin right back to life. It is great for people who are suffering from eczema.

Chamomile Oil Leo

If you are the type of person with really sensitive skin Chamomile Oil is for you. It does a great job to even out skin tone. If you have redness or any type of irritation, Chamomile is a great soother.

Coconut Oil Virgo

Coconut Oil¬†gives the skin a lot of nutrients. Its a great healer. It also does a great job moisturizing and hydrating. If you have really dry hands or a really dry face this is the oil to use. It also can remove stretch marks and acne scars. Overall, it will give your skin a plum, youthful, soft, and healthier feel.

Grapeseed Oil Libra

This isn’t an oil you hear often. If you have itchy oil skin, this is for you!. Grapeseed oil¬†does wonders on skin. Packed with Vitamin C, it not only eliminates oil, but it also lightens¬†skin.

Jojoba Oil Scorpio

Jojoba oil should be used if you suffer from irritate skin, redness, or dry skin. Jojoba is great for hydration. Apply Jojoba oil into your body wash or lotion.

Marula Oil Sagittarius

Marula Oil¬†is known to protect skin from dehydration. Dehydration is the one thing that forms wrinkles on our skin. Marula Oil also defends the skin from sun.

Olive Oil Capricorn

Olive Oil isn’t just for salad! It is used for hydrating dry skin and promoting hair growth. If you have a skin condition that causes cracked skin, Olive Oil is for you!

Palm Oil Aquarius

Palm Oil is a great moisturizer. Its best for dry and flakey skin. It is used in soap bars all over the world. Always moisturize yourself with it.

Pomegranate Oil Pisces

Pomegranate Oil is great for anti aging. It is packed with anti oxidants and it is made to fade away your wrinkles. It is also reduces acne size and prevents breakouts.

Rose Hip Seed Oil All zodiac

Rose Hip Seed Oil is the number one cure for scars. No matter how old your scar is Rose Hip Seed Oil will fade it away. This oil is rich in vitamin c and fatty acids. It protects skin and hydrates.

Tea Tree Oil All zodiac

Using Tea Tree oil is a great way to remove your acne. It contains a little bit of benzoyl peroxide (which is proven to be a great acne cure). The best part about it is that its not that harsh like most treatments. Most treatments with benzoyl peroxide are really really strong and they aren’t meant for long use. ¬†I would recommend to use Tea Tree oil a couple of times a week. When your acne is cleared you can of course use a bit less to maintain your beautiful skin.

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